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Albenna Group Inc. is one of the leading companies in Turkey 

Albenna group company was founded 02/06/2015 and includes many sub-

companies, including

Turk Is Here -Charming Man -Charming woman - Safa Care -Rand Care - Turkey Moda -Nurs Lokman Hakim / temsilci

We aim through these companies to shed light on the Turkish product and its 

entry into global markets

to be Albenna Group the focal point in which they can increase business between the companies and the consumer immediately

Istanbul is the main headquarters of the company and Albenna Group seeks to achieve leadership in the commercial sector by focusing on Turkish products that live up to the expectations of customers and respond to their goals and their symptoms

As part of a specialized team studying the Turkish producer and consumer applications inside and outside Turkey

speech of SEO Albenna Group Inc./Rahed Albenna 

There is no doubt that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step, and as is always the  beginnings is small and as planting begins with seeds

Yesterday we started with one brand .Today we have more than five brands scattered inside and outside Turkey

Putting in front of our eyes, apply the latest production systems in order to satisfy our customers and implement their wishes and demands 

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